2nd - 27th AUGUST 2018

Thanks to all the acts,
all the audiences,
and our sponsors Innis & Gunn,
we'll be back 1st-26th August 2019!

11:00 Beehive One
The Memory Man

Obie is well regarded as one of the most naturally funny comedians on the circuit. Obie also has a trained memory and can do some amazing memory stunts. In this show he combines his memory skills with his stand up to produce a truly unique show. You will learn a few tips as well

11:30 Beehive Two
Callan & Mcclelland
Hair of the Dog

Bacon roll and a cup of coffee? Cold leftover pizza? Can of Irn Bru and an existential crisis? All good choices but nothing quite beats a Hair of the Dog Just your regular night time stand-up show, but in the morning!

12:30 Beehive One
Richard Pulsford

An hour of feel-good stand-up from the master of wordplay and UK Pun Championships runner-up 2016. "Like a well-oiled machine of mirth... a likeable stand-up comedian with great material" Buxton Fringe 2017. "A congenial showman... the audience loved him." Prague Fringe 2017

12:45 Beehive Two
Edinburgh Revue's
Stand-Up Show 2018

The Edinburgh Revue returns to the Fringe with a collection of its best and brightest local talents from throughout the year in this stand-up showcase.

13:30 Beehive One
Withnail & Boyd
Cool Jokes & Hot Takes

Boyd, the future of Scottish stand-up. As featured on BBC Scotland and Radio 1. "A comedian on the ascent." The Skinny. Withnail - Entertaining audiences in Scotland & Internationally for ten years. “Slick, Fast Paced Banter” The Skinny

14:00 Beehive Two
Daniel Downie
2 O'Clock Gun

Daniel Downie takes an irreverent look at Edinburgh’s history that’s more ‘hysterical’ than ‘historical’. "His star is definitely on the rise at the moment, with material totally on the pulse, Daniel is one to watch" MumbleComedy.net

14:00 Beehive Two
Rod Hunter
On The Ball!

Rod Hunter a veteran of Scottish Comedy Festival at the Beehive returns for a shorter run where he'll be talking about managing his mid-life crisis and the disappointment of not appearing on Live at the Apollo!........yet. Join him to see if he’s ON THE BALL!

14:45 Beehive One
Mearns & Little
Still Got It

Raymond and Gary, two of Scotland's top headline comedians, join forces to entertain you in one of the finest hours of stand-up you will see at this year’s Fringe. "Born raconteur, funny and cathartic" Scotsman<br>

15:15 Beehive Two
Bob Graham
It's easy to be cynical

Bob has been performing since 2007 across the U.K., Ireland and Australia. His style has been described as ‘Deadpan, sinister, miserable, and absolutely brilliant’ (Punchline UK), ‘Wonderfully anarchic’ (The Skinny) and “Too intelligent for Perth” (Some woman from Perth)

16:00 Beehive One
Freestyle Comedy
Improvised Stand-Up

It's stand-up, but not as you know it; no rules, no backup, no script, just pure comedy. This international double-act deliver a unique hour of improvised stand-up every single show. “60mins of never to be repeated punchlines” STV.

16:30 Beehive Two
Lafferty & McAllister
Club Sets

In a festival that pours scorn on comedy without a poignant dead parent anecdote, one show dares to celebrate the purity of the undiluted unadulterated and altogether far funnier club set. Expect big laughs not poignant silences! With Jay Lafferty, Keir McAllister & Guests

17:15 Beehive One
Ross Leslie
Asking for a Friend

A 2017 'Scottish Comedian of the Year' finalist, and Writer/Contributor for the BBC's 'Breaking The News', Ross Leslie is back for a brand new hour of stand-up comedy.

17:45 Beehive Two
Molland & O'Sullivan
A Political Comedy Show

“Social barriers will dissipate as Rick Molland and Sully O’Sullivan go head-to-head in an epic stand-up comedy battle” TheCultureTrip.com. “No-holds-barred comedy” Edinburgh Evening News. 'Taboo-busting humour' List. “Clever and provocative” **** FringeMonkey.

18:30 Beehive One
Gary Little
Big Mouth

A master storyteller, Gary returns with more great stand-up. “born raconteur” Scotsman, "hilarious,a fucking riot" Bill Burr,"all you’ll remember is how much you laughed,and how good it felt” Chortle, "Runs rings around his comedy peers" Herald.

19:00 Beehive Two
Raymond Mearns
Is in the House

One of Scotland's best-known comedians is in the house! "A genuine improvisational genius" Frankie Boyle. "A genuinely charismatic and funny entertainer" Metro. "A load of pish" A plumber.

19:55 Beehive One
Gus Lymburn
The Idiot

In a festival where comedians are the prophets of public opinion, one man dares to stand forth and in a strong voice.... start making loud fart noises. Join Lymburn to discover why being an idiot might be the most intelligent response you can make.

20:15 Beehive Two
Eddy Brimson
Fidgety Tits

50 minutes of stand-up and stupidity from this UK/International headliner. Review from 2017: "Sure fire laughs, breath-taking confidence and more. As close as you get to the perfect Fringe comedy hour" Associated Press ... Not bad that eh.

21:00 Beehive One
Pick of the Fringe

Scottish Comedy Festival’s official Pick of the Fringe showcase returns for a 7th hilarious year with another phenomenal handpicked selection of our favourite acts from across the fringe. Perth Fringe Comedy Award Nominated. **** BroadwayBaby

21:30 Beehive Two

Life’s full of accidents, frustrations and disappointments. Bruce say’s he’s experienced a few. Where's my compensation? Former Scottish Comedian of the Year vents on life in middle age. The one compensation is laughter. ‘Put simply, he is a very, very funny man’ (Skinny).

22:15 Beehive One

2017 Fringe sensation Scot Roast returns bigger and better for 2018. Fully interactive Roast show, featuring some of the best comedians behaving at their despicable worst.

22:45 Beehive Two
McGuigan & Daniels

Up and coming comedians Declan McGuigan and Iain Daniels team up to give you an hour of their funniest funnies.

23:30 Beehive One
Martin Bearne
Bearne The Midnight Oil

This two time Scottish Comedian of the Year Finalist and master of dark comedy brings an hour of finely crafted jokes, with the occasional silly pun. Ideal for late night audiences. ‘Genuinely brilliant, a mastery of delivery’ Something Funny ‘Killer one liners’ The Scotsman

23:59 Beehive Two
Last Orders
Pick of the Fringe Late Night

Anything goes at the new Late Night edition of Scottish Comedy Festival’s official Pick of the Fringe showcase where Rick Molland presents a handpicked selection of our favourite fringe acts still sober come midnight. “Rick Molland is perfect for the role of compère” ThreeWeeks.