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The Scottish Comedy Festival

The Scottish Comedy Festival was founded in 2012 in order to cater for local acts who were more and more often finding themselves shut out of the world’s largest arts festival. Our mandate ensures than over half of our shows always feature acts from, or based, right here in Scotland. 

SCF 2024

Twelve straight years!!!!*
For over a decade the Scottish Comedy Festival has been ensuring homegrown comedy will always have a place at the world's biggest arts festival.

This year we have some of the hottest acts from the Scottish Comedy Scene, in fact as we write this, over 2 months out from the fringe, Stuart Mitchell has already Sold Out all of his weekend shows at the Waverley Bar on St Mary’s St.

However the most notable return of 2024 has to be Raymond Mearns in The Attic at the Beehive Inn. While on his way to a sellout 2023 Edinburgh Fringe run, Raymond’s season was cruelly cut short by a stroke, but as the living embodiment of ‘You cannae keep a good Glaswegian down’ he’s back, in the aptly named ‘Raymond Mearns had a Stroke of Luck’.  

Of course we’re not  just about the battle scarred veterans. Ensuring we nurture the grassroots of Scottish Stand-Up, this year Ayo Adenekan and Alvin Bang will be making their Edinburgh Fringe Debut in the Beehive Inn’s Lounge (Beehive One) at 18:30. 

In addition to ensuring that never less than half of our shows feature Scottish or Scottish based acts, we have a smorgasbord of internationals to spice up your humour palette, including Kiwis, Canadians, Irish, and Chinese Germans. There’s even a vicious rumour that the odd Geordie has snuck over Hadrian’s wall.

So there you have it, with over 30 shows to choose from including game shows, showcases, debut solo shows, word play, and late night revelry, what are you waiting for?

Let’s go do some fringing!!!!




   Rick Molland
   Festival Director

*2020? Never heard of it

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