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The Scottish Comedy Festival

The Scottish Comedy Festival was founded in 2012 in order to cater for local acts who were more and more often finding themselves shut out of the world’s largest arts festival. This year alone over 70% of our shows will feature comedians based north of Hadrian’s Wall.

SCF 2023

Launch the streamers and break out the party hats!!!! 2023 marks the 11th edition of the Scottish Comedy Festival!!! So we’re celebrating by putting on 11 whole shows! Nah, just kidding, 30 different shows!!!!!!

As always, not only do we have enough Scottish comedians to organise a small Jacobite rebellion (we’ve even got a show about the Jacobite rebellion), but we’ve topped it off with a healthy dose of internationals, including one from as far away as you can physically go!

This year we’ve got everything from battled comedy hardened stalwarts to Edinburgh fringe debuts, subtle wordplay to late night anarchy, solo storytelling to fast and furious compilation shows, including our flagship show ‘Scotland’s Pick of the Fringe’ featuring a hand-picked selection of our favourite acts from across the festival.

So where are all these belting shows? Well we’ve been very particular this year with a very Scottish checklist of what we want in our venues:

Full bar? Aye!
Somewhere you can relax and have a drink from that bar before the show? Aye!
Outside seats for those few hours the sun is shining in a Scottish summer? Aye!
Just over 10 minutes walk inbetween venues cos walking on cobbles is tough? Aye!
All In historic Old Town? Aye!

So that’s 21 shows happening in The Attic and The Lounge at the Beehive Inn on the Grassmarket,
and another 8 upstairs at The Waverley Bar onSt Mary’s Street.
But that’s only 29 shows?!!! That’s right, we’ve even got a show not happening inside the venues at all!!!

And so you don’t have to worry about missing out, all shows now offer the opportunity to reserve your seat in advance by purchasing a ticket via, with lots still offering a budget friendly just turn up and ‘Pay What You Want’ option.

To top it all off, the Scottish Comedy Festival continues to be run by acts, for acts, meaning more of your hard earned ticket money goes directly to the acts.

Now let's go have a Laugh! 




   Rick Molland
   Festival Director


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