Chaotic Synergy, the late night anything can happen show with alcohol.

Obie is one of Scotland’s most natural comedians, headlining shows all over the country. But even more than cracking material, he’s renowned for being willing to venture off on a tangent just to see where it takes him. This show promises to bring the audience along on a ride where there is no destination. Nobody knows where this show is going, and that includes Obie.

Sometimes you have just got to be free enough to take a left turn one day where you usually take a right. Obie thrives on the unpredictable. Come and be part of the journey and experience of a one off show that won't be repeated. This show is your show. The more fun you are the more fun the show will be :)

No squares allowed. Fuck the system.

"Sublimely daft"

“Laugh out loud funny”

Dates & Times

Time: 22:15 (60mins)

Dates: 03/08/17 - 28/08/17

Venue: Beehive 1 (1st Floor)

Tickets: Pay What You Want on the Door




Twitter: @obiecomedian