Thomson and McDougall: Leithal Weapons

Paul and Jonny have never been rewarded much in their working life. In their 30's, living in Leith, bouncing from job to job, relationship to relationship, they were destined for a life of self-help books and cannabis. Luckily the stage beckoned and each ditched a vice, we'll let you decide which. Now they get to while away their days moaning about the opposite sex, council bins and the state of the country. Firmly established these two individual acts have been performing since 2011 to audiences across the UK. Come join them as they describe their own bafflement at life and suggest more fun ways to go about it.

"Warm, friendly and making waves in the school of hard knocks that is live comedy"...Gag Traders "A playful and energetic style"...Evening News

21-28 August
Beehive 1