A Standup for the Mystery Hour

NMy name is Trevor Lewis, I've been a Tech at Edinburgh Fringe for 10 years after moving over from Australia.

I've seen great acts performing at all levels and I wanted to give a platform to some of them on their way up, some who are already going great guns and some who've already hit the point of TV fame.

I've hand picked my favourite acts from the UK and International Circuits and even some from off the telly to do their shows.

The mystery? Who will you see? ... A star of today? or a star of tomorrow? It's a mystery.

The Edinburgh Fringe festival is all about the anticipation of discovery, stumbling on an act you may never have seen or seen live...so join us for the fun, join us for the mystery and find out who you will see on the day when the curtain goes up and the act grabs the mike.

August 2nd to 26th (no show 12th or 19th)
Beehive Two: The Attic (that's the top floor) Beehive Inn, 18-20 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2JU

£5 to reserve a seat or Pay What You Want.

You can reserve a seat in advance for £5 or Pay What You Want on the day,
but remember, some shows do sellout.
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