Scot Roast

Scotland's premier roast show returns for a third year. Host Monty, lead panellist Connor and roast enforcer Major C*nt make this a revolutionary interactive roast experience you'll never forget. Have your feelings hurt by some of the best comedians behaving at their despicable worst as the premier roast show of the Fringe returns for 2019. Don’t miss this fast paced revolutionary and fully interactive roast show experience. Brought to you by three of Scotland’s most seasoned roasters. Your host Monty Burns will lead you in all out roast chaos, nothing is taboo and nothing is off limits (even the audience). Resident panellist Connor Burns is sure to make you gasp and belly laugh in equal measure. All under the watchful eye of roast enforcer Major C*nt.

August 2nd to 26th
Beehive One: The Lounge (that's the first floor) Beehive Inn, 18-20 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2JU

£5 to reserve a seat or Pay What You Want.

You can reserve a seat in advance for £5 or Pay What You Want on the day,
but remember, some shows do sellout.
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